Lace is so much more than just an exquisite piece of garment. Since medieval times laces were used as decor elements, for furniture or even as jewelry.

Here we have gathered for you 8 creative inspirations how to use our laces.

1. Chantilly lace lampshades, or abat-jours in french

Fine, delicate, see through chantilly lace is a perfect material for an exquisite lampshade or to decorate your lamp. Just imagine all that cozy light and shadow play on your walls!

    2. Candle holders!

    Speaking of light and shadow. Warm candle lights are even a better combination for laces than all that electricity.

    Just wrap a glass or a jar with a lace and you get a fabulous candle holder.



    3. Toys, Christmas and holiday objects

    Almost any home object is better with lace. Don’t let anything stop your imagination, even if you want to decorate a pumpkin! And look at that fabulous Christmas tree ball…



    4. Lace trims and narrow laces for decoration

    The most obvious, simple and beautiful idea is to decorate, wrap something with a fancy lace trim.
    Your invitation to the wedding, birthday present… Any box, card or even a pencil case can be fabulous.





    5. Designer shoes

    We’ve seen plenty of lace shoes from all fashion houses. For example these Valentino espadrilles or pumps…

    Why not make something yourself? Be creative! You can start your designer career with just simple white Vans and some chantilly lace.




    6&7. Lace trims, ready made jewelry or a jewelry organizer?

    We have some truly exceptional lace trims that you can use as a jewelry: collars, garters or bracelets. Some of them are very sophisticated and created by hand with appliques or beaded with Swarovski crystals.

    Or you can just buy a some simple lace trims and use them to hang your favorite earrings!



    8. Furniture decoration

    Last but not least on our list…
    Add a touch of lace to your furniture. It can be a great combination especially with something vintage or rustic.