"Old tulliste and the child". This is a statue of  Jules Bracq (1889-1990) that has been offered by his son Jean Bracq to the Lace Museum of Caudry.  Now you can find it near the front doors there.

“Old tulliste and the child”

There’s a small city in Nord-Pas-de-Calais called Caudry. This is where the heart of French lacemaking is beating. Generations of its citizens have been working on complicated Leavers lace looms and perfecting their art.

Lots of laces in our shop come from the small factory founded in Caudry by Jean Bracq in 1889. Click here to know a little more about history of french lace and Jean Bracq.

And in the city center you can find a Museum of French lace with a sculpture representing Julien Bracq (1889-1990). It was offered to the museum by his son Jean Bracq and now you can find it near the front doors there.

Here we want to show how different and amazing french laces are!

Gorgeous laces of Jean Bracq

Lingerie by Elise Anderegg

Mistinguett And Gatsby in wonderful Chantilly Lace of Jean Bracq.
Look how delicate can lace be… Every piece comes from a 10-ton roaring 19th century machine and then patiently and with love mended by hand.