We have the largest selection of laces on the internet…
And our stock is constantly changing, new designs and colors arrive with every new batch, that is why we refused to provide samples… Until now!

You can order samples by 10 cm (~4 inches) of any wide lace!

  1. Choose a minimum of 10 laces from our shop.
  2. All laces must be wider than 70 cm (27¹⁄₂ inches).
  3. Send us their names.
  4. We send you an invoice on PayPal or you can pay by a wire transfer.

NB: Remember that all laces in our store are unique and in limited quantities.
Sometimes laces can be preordered for wholesale customers, but we seldom restock the same designs and colors. That’s why we can’t guarantee that the lace you tried will always be available.

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