Laura Hecquet

Laura Hecquet

Franck Sorbier created a wonderful show for Fall/Winter Haute Couture in Paris.

Satin, lace and tulle dresses were presented by dancers in ballet shoes on the stage with an exquisite music played live on didgeridoo and hang drums. And even prima ballerina Laura Hecquet sponsored this show and appeared at the end dressed as a bride in marvelous Lyon lace.

It felt like a fairytale, like scenes from the palace of the Snow Queen. With all these sophisticated outfits, each one unique as a snowflake. And in this snow white pallette everything was focused on the form, texture and motion.

Lyon Lace on the Bride is created on one of the 3 looms from 19th century restored recently on the Jean Bracq factory. They are still mostly mechanical and work with Jacquard cards, producing just 35cm of lace per hour.

Laura Hecquet as the Bride in Lyon lace


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