We’ve got a several small shop updates going on: a couple of new laces, 50+ new pictures and some interesting ideas for you…

Let’s start with ideas

One of the most magical properties of lace is how it transforms depending on the background. You can make it almost invisible and subtle, or you can make it pop out and achieve a textured three dimensional feel.

This classic black lace trims is one of the most popular in our store. Look how gorgeous it can be when combined with a bright lining!

    Or look at this two tone corded Guipure lace… You can try match the lining to it’s primary color or to the cord accent color.

    And finally an original two tone classic Chantilly lace! It features an unusual combination: nude beige backing tulle and a pastel blue pattern. It’s tulle net is very subtle and almost invisible.

    What about new laces and pictures?

    Well there’s a small, but VERY important update in our shop. Lace of Lyon (Dentelle de Lyon), produced on one of the only 3 remaining Lyon lace looms in the world! Find out more about it on the product page, and we shall make an article about these laces soon.

    And here’re other new pictures of lace in our shop and 1 more new lace: Robin 30 black/gold. I know you were waiting for more black and gold Chantilly laces!