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This is a truly unique lace!

Produced on the 1850-1880 Lyon Lace looms, the last 3 machines of this kind remaining in the world. The lace is also called “Dentelle de Lyon” (Lace of Lyon), such as the Dognin company’s lace, the original firm to whom Lyon lace’s history is deeply related.

In 1805, Jean-Claude Dognin opens his silk tulle business in Lyon and goes into partnership with the English business man Augustin Isaac, who got a Jacquard loom patented, allowing to produce lace on a tulle bobbin machine.

Lyon Lace loom on the Jean Bracq factory

Lyon Lace loom on the Jean Bracq factory

Now these laces are made in the northern France and in very limited quantities, because these 3 looms can weave only 35 cm of lace per hour!

After the loom laces are examined and mended by hand. And after that re-embroidered with a cord thread above lace pattern, also by hand.

These laces are made now only from 100% cotton.
Their unique style is very large patterns and various backing tulle styles that can only be achieved on a bobbinet lace machine!

Also please note that because this lace is pure cotton it’s actual width is narrower than it was from the loom. So side to side this lace is about 115 cm.

Additional information
Dimensions 115 cm


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