The Designer

designerThe Designer, this wanderer, creatively sets his mind to travel
Sensing what’s in the air or what surprises may unravel.
He is speechless at the sight of beauty refined
And sketches shapes on paper and thin, tangled lines
He cleverly mixes colors, materials and patterns with reason
So every couturier’s lace has special charm each season.

The Drafter

drafterWith suspended thoughts and an extremely sharp eye
He works silently, carefully: on his technique he can rely
As he translates the sketches into regular patterns
With confidence on graph paper, his skill is what matters.
Lace’s dna, its identity card, traces many delicate stories
Extending metaphors of interlaced gimp or embroideries.

The Lacemaker

lacemakerThe Lacemaker’s job is like a forbidden fruit
He must have true passion to follow suit
The heritage of his ancestors, a well-guarded balance
Forged by craftsmen with admirable talents
His black-lacquered Leavers loom is continually turning
In a rhythmic composition of his “music”, his yearning
As he perfectly places a thousand yarns with precision
He conducts his bobbins and shuttles in rhythm.

The Mender

menderSometimes the tiniest breeze can shift the threads
Meaning the lace can separate or spread
Ut takes a lot of skill and even more patience
to mend the fabric without making changes
The minor pulls or the tiny faults
Don’t deter the mender in her work at all!

The Colorist

coloristIt’s hard to believe that from its very first day
Lace comes into the world “ecru”, fresh as a ray
Of sunlight. then the colorist courts and seduces
It into a blush and brings it to life with clever ruses
In tints that echo his whims, this skilled troubadour
Adds subtle shadings and defines its contour.


Looms and skilled craftsmen give birth to tulle
And lace, a well-kept secret, an eternal jewel
An enigma of special knowledge and excellence
That matures over time, is forged by experience.
Wheeler, warper, too many craftsmen to measure
Compose our unique family. this mill is a treasure.

From these noble materials are born each design
Haute couture houses think they’re divine
Every sensory tulle and delicate lace
Means perpetual research, patience and grace
These skills are ours, as the mirror reflects
Fine tulle and lace means Sophie hallette.

© Sophie Hallette